Here is a list of independent projects I had fun with in the past.

RTE - Standards in Public Office

Investigating Corruption with Graph Relationships

rte standards in public office

Standards in Public Office is an award-winning documentary, produced by the Investigations Unit of RTĖ (Ireland’s National Television), to shed the light on the widespread under-declaration of assets by politicians.

I have architected and implemented a graph-based system to support the journalists’ research activity to identify elected representatives apparently seeking personal benefits for public works. A technical case study can be found here.

Tech Stack: Java, Groovy, OrientDB, Duke.

Shoemondo - Beta

The Shoes Search Engine

the shoes search engine

Shoemondo helps to find your next favourite pair of shoes by comparing across a variety of online stores. In the first step, 12 partners were integrated to enable an extensive range of shoes.

I have designed and implemented the whole backend system from the data ingestion phase to the APIs to search and get products.

Tech Stack: Java, Groovy, Kafka, Elasticsearch, GraphQL.