Howdy! I'm Fabrizio

Howdy! I'm Fabrizio

I was born and raised in Southern Italy. By nature, I am what people like to call a “geek”.

My life as a so-called “geek” started in 1989 with the Intel 80286 I received for Christmas. My coding adventure started at 10 with simple Basic stuff.

I am now an experienced programmer and an open source enthusiast (see my FLOSS profile) with a quite heterogeneous set of interests including evolutionary architecture, graph databases, big data, machine learning algorithms. I am fluent in Java, Javascript, Scala, Groovy and I have a good knowledge of Python. Next languages on my current to-do list are Go and Rust.

I have worked in the past as Software Developer/Architect for startups, software houses, consultancy companies between Italy, California, Ireland. More details on my Linkedin Profile

This blog, started in mid 2014, mainly consists of my thoughts and opinions on the technologies I use and develop with.

All statements made here are solely my own and do not represent the opinions of my employer, colleagues or my clients.

Thanks for reading!