Howdy! I'm Fabrizio

Howdy! I'm Fabrizio

Hey there,

I’m a born-and-raised Italian from the sunny South, and I’ve got this thing for technology that folks like to call “geekiness.”

My journey into the world of coding began way back in 1989 when I unwrapped an Intel 80286 as a Christmas gift. I was just 10 then, and I started playing around with Basic. Fast forward to today, and I’m an experienced programmer who’s really into open source. My interests? They’re all over the place, from evolutionary architectures to graph databases, data-intensive apps, and machine learning algorithms. I’m fluent in Java, Kotlin, Scala, Groovy, JavaScript, and I’ve got a good grip on Python and Go. My to-do list for new languages includes Rust and Zig.

I’ve hopped around quite a bit in my career, working as a Software Developer/Architect for startups, software houses, and consultancy companies in Italy, California, Ireland, and Switzerland. If you want the nitty-gritty details, check out my my LinkedIn profile.

This blog, which I started back in 2014, is where I share my thoughts and opinions on the tech I’m working with and building. Just a heads up, though – whatever you read here is all me, not my employer, colleagues, or clients.

Thanks for dropping by!